Cowley Road Methodist Church Centre

Christingles for Candlemas

The Candlemas service on Sunday 5 February was a joy. This unusual and creative service started and ended with worship together and we had a Christingle hymn. The service began with an introduction to the Christingle, where we as a congregation shared what we knew about the Christingle tradition and what it means to us.

In the main part of the service, we had plenty of time to explore 5 prayer stations, each of which had a component of the Christingle, with readings, reflections, and an invitation to take part in activity, mindful of God's presence.
Moving from prayer station to prayer station to complete creative tasks needed to make the Christingle gave the service a sense of dynamism and flow. It was lovely to have time together in love as a community. The final prayers with the lit candle were moving.

Candlemas prayer stations

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